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1. These terms and conditions apply to any person using the prepaid mobile merchant system known as Senda through which users can buy credits, sell airtime, sell electricity and transfer Senda credits.
2. Merchants can easily sign up on this website or on *130*256# (toll-free). Senda treats all customer information with all the necessary precautions to keep it safe and private. Senda users' information is used for the purpose of improving the service's usage and all Senda users explicitly grant Senda the right to contact them by telephone, SMS or email.
3. Senda is a prepaid service only and Senda credits are purchased by depositing / transferring money into Senda's bank account. All monies received will be non-refundable and may only be used to purchase airtime or electricity and will not be paid out in cash. Electricity may not be on sold for a price exceeding the face value.
4. Purchases made through Senda are not refundable, and are non exchangeable and non reversible and Senda is exempt from all mistakes and errors made by the Senda user and assumes no liability for any loss incurred by users by using the Senda system, unless we act fraudulently or dishonestly. To the greatest extent permitted by the Consumer Protection Act, you exempt and indemnify us from any and all liability for loss or damage you suffer and you shall be liable for any loss or damage or costs we suffer as a result of your act or omissions.
5. Senda operates an account balance transfer service by transferring deposited credits within the Senda ecosystem. A Transfer of credits will be charged at a flat R2 including VAT charge to the sending party. Transfers are not reversible.
6. Where possible, Senda Support will assist with user queries.
7. Senda reserves the right to terminate any users account without consultation. Senda applies arbitrary user and system wide transaction limits as it sees fit and reserves the right to operate the service in this manner.
8. Termination: Senda users can request that their account to be closed by emailing our support on support@senda.co.za or submitting a support query on this website.
9. Pricing: Discounts offered to merchants are displayed on senda.co.za and are subject to change. Senda users explicitly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions by their usage of the service. These terms and conditions can be updated at any time, without prior notification of Senda users, and will be deemed to be binding on all Senda users once published on www.senda.co.za. The onus is on all users to acquaint themselves with these terms and conditions from time to time. For more information contact us on support@senda.co.za or call 011 848 8221.
10. These terms constitute the whole agreement between you and Blue Label Distribution (Pty) Ltd and/or any other subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms Limited that you may be dealing with (“us”). No indulgence granted to you shall constitute an estoppel and no waiver, side agreement, representation or oral agreement shall be binding unless it is reduced to writing and signed by you and us. Should any provision of these terms be held by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be illegal or unenforceable, then same shall be severed to the extent illegal/unenforceable and the remaining provisions shall continue to be binding.
For more information contact us on support@senda.co.za or call 011 848 8221.
Updated 14 August 2013

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